You will NEVER make it. It does not matter how many programs you buy or how many ebooks you get and read, or how many opportunities you will get. If you do not Understand it, and do not Love what you are doing, and most important, if you do not give yourself space and time to take that action - you will never make it.The referring pages, are they many? Few? Many pages with surf.php, surf.jsp or similar in among them? These are all factors that might point out if website traffic report received are automated or actual visitors.Depending on the market and your prospects, you might need to create information products in different form like video eBooks or PDF files. However, the fundamental parts are still similar.Of course, if you are not overly busy and are short on money, then you may be buying web site traffic with your own labors. This is not the best choice, and if possible it should be the last choice. Why? When you buy website traffic with your own labors, you will be investing a lot of time and energy with a return on your efforts that will make you cry (at least initially). This is why so many small businesses give up before very long. The amount of time and energy to get results is more than most individuals can handle. In order to get results, they will be sacrificing attention to other tasks that are required by a small business. This is not to say that it cannot be done; visits to website is to say that this is usually the slow and painful route.When you buy targeted traffic site traffic from companies, basically what you're doing is, paying them to send spam and popup ads throughout the internet to bother people in their email inboxes and traffic exchange sites. First of all, this is very unprofessional and when it is discovered that a business had to actually buy their customers, it is quickly realized what their business is worth.Although this does not sound like an earth shattering idea, it really is widely underused and potentially a great source of traffic. Once again, if you are going to buy traffic make sure it is targeted and make sure that it is from a legitimate source and what better place than a popular website in your niche? The great thing about buying advertising space is that in most cases you can choose exactly which pages you want your ad to appear and obviously you also get to choose the website which is not the case with PPC.Fast foward to earlier this year, I have have been incredibily successful at Google and a select few other methods, so I felt now was the time to take it up a notch and find other sources of targeted traffic.