Floor Mats

MRE combines the latest technology and cost saving ideas to deliver top quality floormats for today’s new and innovative vehicles. Material selection and product design are always based upon the unique requirements of the driver’s environment and we pay particular attention to sound absorption, heat and vibration isolation.
Key Features

  •     Compression moulded RUBBER floormats with waffle or low pressure PU injected mats.
  •     Material compounded to customer requirements (price and environmental performance)
  •     Manufactured in high temperature, large compression presses to produce a highly defined and highly repeatable product
  •     Our process requires that we utilise all steel tooling to offer 200k plus part tool life and a product that can meet all of your ergonomic and aesthetic criteria
  •     Utilisation of rubber for high volume production rather than PU offering greatly improved wear characteristics and pricing
  •     Heat moulded rubber offering product memory again far greater than PU to enable designers to include precise logo’s, high up stands and accurate angles
  •     Sound deadening with parts that flex against the mating surface to fully seal the gaps left by other tolerance stack-up within the cab
  •     Waffle design to offer weight reduction of end product while maintaining a very high acoustical rating