MRE manufactures plastic bottles using the latest technology and cost saving ideas to deliver top quality components for today’s new and innovative vehicles. Material selection and product design are always based upon the customer’s unique requirements.

Key Features

  • We offer customised hydraulic, coolant recovery, radiator overflow, fuel tanks and windscreen washer systems
  • Our manufacturing processes include Blow moulding, Injection Moulding and rotational moulding.
  • We are able to sonic weld and spin weld with full testing capability for these seams.
  • We are capable of secondary operations that could include inserts, insert moulding, drilling or routing.
  • Our washer systems can come complete with caps, motors, tubes, valves and plugs assembled.
  • Our washer motor is tested to multiple EU standards and approved for use globally as well as EMC certified.
  • Our material range includes HDPE, PP, PP-ABS as well as PA and a selection of other materials.

Our current production projects include brake systems, diesel tanks, coolant tanks, expansion tanks, washer bottles and spillage bottles for hydraulic lines.